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Carbon Tactics BadgerStrap & Red Clover Concepts

Carbon Tactics is a small shop based out of southern Arizona that makes tactical belts. These are not war belts, but regular 1.5” belts meant to support your Every Day Carry, or even for plainclothes duty use. They are probably best known for their “Quickie” belt that uses an innovative magnetic buckle to keep the belt closed. We covered this belt previously on Black Sheep Warrior.

Turns out CT is at it again, this time with a product improved version of the Quickie they’re called the BadgerStrap. But designing and releasing new products costs money. In order to cover the costs of new machining they’ve turned to Kickstarter. Their customers came through for them in a big way for the Quickie and we are hoping they see the same kind of outpouring for the Badger Strap.

The BadgerStrap is a natural progression from the Quickie. The biggest difference is the addition of a brass tension bar to fail-safe the magnetic buckle. This is especially useful for users who intend to carry weapons or gear on their belt. The belt itself is made available in single- or double-thickness tactical nylon. My test sample was the double-thickness model, which I prefer for duty use. While not quite as thick as SCUBA webbing, it’s plenty sturdy enough to hold your pants up with or without guns attached. It also doesn’t have a tendency to cut into your hips the way SCUBA-web belts can do if you cinch them tight enough. There is still a single-thickness tail for threading through the buckle. They’ve also included a small loop of heavy-duty elastic that acts as a keeper for any slack on the end.

Carbon Tactics was gracious enough to send me a pre-production BadgerStrap direct to my overseas APO so that I could do some downrange testing. At time of writing, I’ve been running the belt for several days with zero issues. My pants don’t sag, and neither does my holster, or my mag pouches. The buckle clicks securely into place, and breaks apart with a sort of push-and-twist motion to separate the magnets. The buckle itself will be available in three patterns: plain, hex, and waffle. The latter—what came attached to my test belt—is vaguely reminiscent of Magpul’s signature magazine pattern and will be a chic compliment to any belt-mounted PMAGs, if that’s important to you.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until December 24th. While they have already reached their minimum goal, every penny helps. Pledging to the Kickstarter also gives you access to lower pre-production prices and special deals depending on how much you pledge.

The CT BadgerStrap Kickstarter page can be found right here.

If you’re wondering about exactly what I’m running on my BadgerStrap, look no further than Red Clover Concepts. RCC is a small operation run by a Marine Corps veteran who continues to deploy in other capacities. What you see here is their pistol “shock holster”, double pistol mag module, and single rifle mag module. (These pouches are referred to as modules because they are a component of RCC’s overall load carriage system, known as the APOC.)  Note the extra sleeve built into the front of the shock holster. This is to hold a bungee-style tourniquet of RCC’s own design, known as the Shock-T.

They are in design phase on a number of new products, some of which we hope to show you in the future. Stay tuned!

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