ACT In Black DTNVG Announced

Luxumberg based Night Vision company ACT INC. has recently released their new Dual Tube Night Vision Goggle (DTNVG). The brand new system features a super durable but lightweight dual tube housing that is designed for professional military and law enforcement customers.

The DTNVG is also available to civilian customers although like most night vision goggles it will come at a considerable but worthwhile cost……

According to Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC), the DTNVG system, “is the culmination of design efforts between ACT in Black and Adams Industries.”

Now for those of you who may not know, Adams Industries has been a leader in the night vision field for years and is best known for their incredible “Sentinel” system for converting surplus aviation ANVIS NVGs to withstand the rigors of ground use and avoid being crushed by front end loaders (Surplus NVGs are frequently destroyed).

The ACT in Black DTNVG system appears to build on the Sentiniel’s success by integrating solid state technology for the units control of power consumption and operations. Furthermore, the DTNVG features independently powered tubes that switch off when jointly or independently swung up out of the operator’s field of view.

Like most other NVGS, the DTNVG offers a IR illuminator and is powered via a surefire style battery or can be alternately powered by a AA battery via adapter.

ACT INC has partnered with Tactical Night Vision Company/Adams Industries for US import/distribution.

See the product page here

Photos curtesy of Project Gecko and ACT INC BLACK

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