Tactical Christmas Gift Guide

2015 Tactical Christmas Gift Guide!

 Tactical Christmas Gift Guide!

About the 2015 Tactical Christmas Gift Guide:

Trying to find that perfect gift for the tactical guy or gal in your life? Well, you came to the right place! We have put together a Tactical Christmas Gift Guide in a living post that will be updated as suggestions are received through the comments below. 

We have attempted suggest products from all types of price ranges and sources so you will be sure to find something that fits your budget!

About the outbound links:

Links to the brand will be included where possible and we will also link to the product on Amazon if it is available. Amazon links are affiliate links so purchasing anything through them will help us pay our bills but is not necessary. 

Lets get started!

Magpul Back Up Iron Sights (Offset)

Used as a back up sight for weapons with long range optics. These sights are top quality and are made by the industry leader Magpul Ind. You can read our review here 

Where: Magpul.com and Amazon

Gerber Applegate Fairbairn Combat Folder

I’ve used this knife for years and with a price point under $50 it’s an option hard to beat!! Tough enough for Military/Law Enforcement but priced right so if you lose it you’re not eating your gun….

Where: Gerber and Amazon

Tactical Tourniquet!

You would be amazed at how many Mil/LE folks don’t have a tourniquet on their personal kit!!! But they are just as important in your home or car medical kit. Tourniquets stop bleeding when applied properly and can easily save a life. An added bonus is that they are really not that expensive so they make great stocking stuffers 🙂 You can get them from the folks at Rockwell Tactical Group, RE-Factor Tactical as well as from Amazon. Be sure to check out our Tactical Tourniquet overview here!

Fathom Arms San Tan Tactical Receiver Set

Made for Fathom Arms by San Tan Tactical, these receiver sets are sure to blow anyones mind (no pun intended)!

You can read our San Tan Tactical STT15 review here and pick up the Fathom Arms Edition here.

Tactical G-Shock Watch

When it comes to tactical watches there are a few things to consider. First, if it’s truly going to be used in tactical situations it needs to be a digital watch face, as hour and minute hand of analog watches can be misread under pressure. If it’s a “tactical” watch then have at it! But we do recommend the Casio G-Shock as it is a battle proven watch. There are tons of models etc. so find one that finds a balance between your needs and budget.

You can find them at http://www.casio.com/products/Watches/G-Shock/ or on Amazon

Tactical Back Pack From United Tactical Bags

You know, you can never go wrong with a tactical back pack! Whether its a MIL/LE guy or gal or a college student, a tactical pack sends a statement! We know there are a lot of places to get bags from but we suggest United Tactical Bags as they donated the bag above to a giveaway we ran earlier in the year.

Bags range in price but I’m sure you will find something cool at United Tactical Bags!

Vinyl American Flag Decal

This is one of our very own products and has been very popular! They are made for us by Overwatch Designs which is a veteran owned and operated company. The flags are available in camo, official Kryptek and standard colors as well. These are affordable and make great stocking stuffers. You can get yours at blacksheepwarrior.com/store 

The Ronin Morale Patch Stocking Pack By Modern Arms

These were suggested by our morale patch friends on the members only Facebook Group Morale Patch black Market. You can get this set or individual patches from Modern Arms and embrace the samurai spirit!

RE-Factor Tactical Wood Flags

So, maybe you need to find some middle ground with the whole “tactical gift” thing. Why not pick up one of Re-Factor Tactical’s Wood flag boards? Check out the full line here.

Want a very very nice knife? Check out any of the hand made customer knives by Dawson Knives and you can also see all the reviews we have posted up in our knife review category!

Looking for a tactical gift for the shooter that has everything? Well I bet he/she doesn’t have one of these awesome targets from ArmaTargets! Tell them we sent you!

We need your Tactical Christmas Gift Guide ideas! Please leave suggestions below in the comments and we will continue to expand the list!!

Also, please share this guide with your friends and family!

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