Wild Hedgehog Tactical Trauma BaseMED Kit Giveaway

We are back with another awesome giveaway! This time it is from Whtactical.com who is generously giving away one of their Trauma BaseMED Kits!

Whtactical.com has agreed to refund the winner’s Trauma BaseMED Kit purchase if they win and already ordered one during the giveaway so there is no reason to wait!

Enter Here!

About the Trauma BaseMED Kit:

“This is an affordable & simple to use Medical Trauma Kit that can easily be kept on the body, in a bag, or in your vehicle. It is important to always be prepared to deal with a medical emergency, you never know when you might be the first on scene to an accident or other emergency. This is also a great kit to throw in the range bag, while rare, accidents do happen on the range.
The Trauma BaseMED Kit is intended for treatment of 1 person with a major traumatic wound such as a gunshot or penetrating wound.  

Contained inside a 9″ x 6″ aLOKSAK Waterproof Dry Bag that allows you to get familiar with the items inside the kit unlike a vacuum packed trauma kit.
Add on Celox Rapid Ribbon to pack wounds with a blood clotting gauze. 

No special training is needed to use the Trauma BaseMED  Kit, however it is important to be familiar with the items in your medical kit and have a basic understanding of when & how to use them. 
If you purchase the INSERT ONLY it will come with everything under ‘Components’
By purchasing this Tactical Medical Kit you release Wild Hedgehog LLC of any liability and consent to having the proper training and knowledge to use the items of this kit properly”.

Get yours here! or Enter here!

Don’t forget to share the lucky link on the giveaway page and let your friends and family know!


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