Strike Ind. Patriot Grip Review

Strike Industries Patriot Tactical Grip Review

By: Ryan Parker

Ask and you shall receive…or so the saying goes. Well, it seems as though Strike Industries took it to heart following the success of their original Patriot series pistol grips for the AR platform. They have taken the Patriot Tactical Grip and made it better!

As many of you know, shooting is about comfort, or at least in some regards. If you don’t like the way something feels or how it fits, you most likely aren’t going to use that product. Often times someone will buy an item on just how it feels rather than its performance and durability.

We have all seen it when a potential firearms buyer is approaching a gun counter, he/she wants to see how it feels. Often times, the customer ends up taking aim at an unsuspecting target nearby or an available trophy on the wall. Next, if they like the way it feels they will get that sly grin and feeling of excitement. The next words out of their mouth is most often “I like the way that feels!”

I’m sure many of you have used the Strike Industries Patriot Series Pistol Grip, and thought “This is a great grip and feels good to me, but if they did (fill in the blank) it would be better.” It’s those suggestions that inspired the Patriot Tactical Grip-Enhanced PRO Model which boasts a few new features such as:

– More aggressive texturing: that will provide better grip during adverse conditions, but isn’t too abrasive.

– Better ergonomics and higher grip: the grip has been widened slightly to fit the palm of your hand more comfortably, and the back strap has been reduced to allow shooters to go higher on the grip without going too far above the trigger.

– Larger storage compartment: for holding spare parts, batteries, small bottle of lube, or a few extra rounds of ammo.

I have spent some quality time with the Patriot Tactical Grip-Enhanced Pro Model and getting a “feel” for the new ergonomics. I can tell you that I am happy with their improvements. I have larger hands so anytime I can find a grip that provides a better fit to my hand I am pleased. At first I was unsure of the angle that the grip positioned my hand, but after firing a few magazines from various positions I found it to be very comfortable.

I chose to use the Patriot Tactical Grip on my Rock River Arms National Match A2 with Two-staged trigger. It is also outfitted with Maximum Ordinate Precisions MK1 Muzzle brake. The Rock River Arms AR was a excellent specimen of the fine quality rifles produced at their factory. However,  with a few accessories  that  not only “feel” good, but aid in the overall performance. My Rock River Arms National Match is now super accurate, has some added comforts, and has the lightest felt recoil of any AR platform I have ever shot.

The Patriot Tactical Grip provides such a better grip surface and ergonomics than the standard A2 style pistol grip when firing from any position. If you are looking to make an easy upgrade to your AR platform that isn’t very costly, then you should pick up the Strike Industries Patriot Tactical Grip-Enhanced PRO Model. Strike Industries offers either a Flat Dark Earth or Black for the color options.

There are only a few suggestions that I would add in regards to the Strike Industries Patriot Tactical Grip-Enhanced PRO Model. I would suggest adding the option of texturing along the front of the grip, finger groves, or a combination of the two. Until next time, stay safe, have fun, and take someone new shooting!

Where to get it:

Strike Ind. product page

Strike Industries products on Amazon

Strike Industries Facebook page


About the author:

Ryan is a former Army Sniper and Marksmanship Instructor. He is currently employed as a police officer with a local department located in the midwest.


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