Royally Screwed Regulate AK-300 Series Optic Mount Review

By: Ryan Parker

I have had the pleasure over the last month or so to put the Royally Screwed (RS) Products LLC AK-300 series mount through the paces, and I have to say I am quite impressed.  The mount has certainly met my expectations and will make a great addition to your side mount AKM platforms.

The AK-300 series mount offers several options for your specified shooting preferences.  The mount is offered in a two part system comprised of a lower and upper.  There are four lowers offered:

301-Front-biased positioning

302-Rear-biased positioning

303-Full length configuration for ultimate optic placement

310-Full length configuration specifically made for the M10 style Romanian Kalashnikov rifles

The RS Regulate lowers are equipped with a Titanium-based low profile locking system that allows for fingertip adjustment.  This locking system is spot on providing a positive lockup with no wobble.  In turn, this allows the operator/user to maintain their zero after removal of the mount.

They also offer four uppers:

AKM – made for the Aimpoint® and similar 30mm optics

AKML – also made for the Aimpoint® and similar micro optics

AKOG – made for Trijicon and similar ACOG® style optics

AKR – for any rail-mounted optics or accessories

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Photo Credit: Black Sheep Warrior

The combination that I chose to use was the RS Regulate AK-301 lower and the AKM upper which came in two separate sealed packages. 

Upon opening the packaging I found very detailed instructions on how to properly mount the optic on my rifle.  An engineering degree is not needed for this simple system.  RS Regulate is even kind enough to provide the Allen key needed along with the roll pin for staking the upper and lower together. 

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Photo Credit: Black Sheep Warrior

The RS Regulate mount is very well constructed, but that is expected when it is CNC machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum.  It also has a nice finish that is mil-A-8625 Type III hard coat anodized.  The dimensions of this mount in particular are as follows: L: 6.25” W: .55” H: 2.15” and I can tell you that at .55” this mount does not add much width to your rifle.  The total weight added is only 5.0 oz.  This slim construction keeps your rifle from becoming too bulky.

Also, the smart construction and smooth edges keep it from catching on your clothing or kit.  The locking mechanism is machined to be flush with the mount so it does not snag and come loose during use.  As you can see below there is a very tight fit.

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Photo Credit: Black Sheep Warrior

The RS Regulate mount does provide for a lower 1/3 co-witness when using the Aimpoint® optics.  However, I chose to use the Primary Arms 30mm red dot.   It has a slightly smaller inner tube diameter which does not allow for co-witness. 

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Photo Credit: Black Sheep Warrior

On the range I believe you will be very happy with the RS Regulate mounts performance.  I consider myself to be a decent shooter, and I tried to rush myself just to see what kind of shot groups I could produce.

After achieving a quick zero I removed the RS Regulate mount and then replaced it as stated in the instructions.  I settled behind the gun and fired my first shot which to my surprise impacted approx 2.5” left and slightly higher than my intended zero.  Confused by this I slowed down and took my time with the following four rounds.  As you can see (image below) I had a fairly tight grouping after that first shot in the location of my zero.  I then removed the mount again and replaced it on the rifle.  My first shot again was in nearly the same location as the last time.  I then fired a quick five shot group which impacted back in the zero location.  I checked the mount to make sure nothing had come loose and it seemed to be in the correct location.  I am unsure what caused the first round flier, but it seems that the mount may have just been seating itself.

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Photo Credit: Black Sheep Warrior
AK-300 Series Optic Mount Reviewresized
Photo Credit: Black Sheep Warrior

I tried a few drop tests as well wondering if the mount would be jarred loose.  I am happy to report that my attempts were unsuccessful at knocking the mount loose from the rifle.  I tried several times from different heights and was able to maintain my zero.

In short, if you are looking for a high quality optic mount that isn’t going to break the bank and will last a long time then make sure to visit your local dealer and pick up a RS Products LLC AK-300 mount for your rifle. Until next time, stay safe, have fun, and take someone new shooting!

Where to get it

Royally Screwed’s website

Primary Arms

RS AK-301 Lower Modular Mount on Amazon

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