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K ROUNDS Kydex Holster Review

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We published this K Rounds article almost two years ago. We love these holsters and the review bellow is very flattering. In December of 2015, David Lathrop, one of the founders of K-rounds and the owner of all the designs, approached and offered his services. This was a no brainer, so we immediately took him up on his offer and the Megiddo Tactical Group Brand was born. We now offer a full line of premium holsters, made by Lathrop, featuring the same designs and features. Wait times are approximately 2-3 days and rush orders are welcomed. Use coupon code “blacksheep” and save 15%.

Original Article from January 6, 2014:

It has been a while since we have written a Kydex holster Review on It isn’t because we don’t like to do them, on the contrary, we love kydex holsters around here. 

No, it has been more of a priority issue, but all of that is about to change! 

Enter K ROUNDS LLC, a custom kydex holster and accessory company based in Northwestern Washington State.

K ROUNDS was founded in January of 2013 by Trever Shaw and David Lathrop (David is now the man behind Our new holster company Both men decided to join forces by combining their years of experience building Kydex holsters and accessories.

K ROUND’S vision is to provide quality, US made, products with an emphasis on price, speed, and customer satisfaction.

For this review, we had the chance to play with two holsters, and both were outside the waistband (OWB) models. One was for a Glock 27, and the other was for an H&K P2000 with Streamlight TLR-1S. Both holsters featured an FBI cant and premium kydex.

Initial thoughts: 

The first thing that struck me when I first handled the K ROUNDS holsters was the quality fit and finish.  Right away, you will notice that the holsters don’t have the typical eyelets along the edges; K ROUNDS instead chooses to utilize screws in pre-set locations.  

Another feature that you wouldn’t typically see, on a kydex holster, is the tension screw that allows the user to adjust the amount of retention the holster places on the weapon.  Inside the holsters, you will find a rubber fitting (two on the weapon light models) that should be familiar to users of today’s top name brand holsters.

While the tension screw is duly unique, the real icing on the cake lies in K ROUNDS’ injection molded belt loops.  The belt loops are part of what takes these holsters to the next level and sets them apart from the crowded kydex holster market.  

So what is so special about K ROUNDS’ belt loops? Well, the secret lies in the width and angle of the loop, both of which make the holster feel like it was meant to be on your hip!

I have worn kydex holsters for many years, and I know from experience that fit and placement makes all the difference in the world.  

Both holsters featured sweat guards that proved much more comfortable than my current low cut kydex holsters.

K ROUNDS is so confident in their belt loops that they make them available to purchase separately for use on your current holster!

Ride Comfort and Concealment:

I personally found that both the H&K P2000 weapon light version and the Glock 27 holsters were comfortable for all day concealed carry. Both holsters were tested in vehicles with and without tactical gear and no issues arose.  However, remember, that everyone has different body composition and your results may vary from mine.

The two holsters I tested lived up to their reputation, and I will say that without moving to an inside the waistband (IWB) holster, I don’t see how either holster could be any lower profile.  

I do believe that the proprietary belt loops help, but in the end, concealment will depend on the users physical condition and clothing choice. 

Price and Availability:

Update February 28, 2016:

You can now purchase these holsters at our sister brand Megiddo Tactical Group. Price is 64.95 and they ship for free in 2-3 days. Use coupon code “Blacksheep” to save 15%.

Suggested Improvements:

If I could suggest any improvements, it would be to the weapon light holster.  It would be nice to see the bottom of the holster cleaned up to match the finished look of the rest of the holster.  It really is a nit-picky detail but the area where the light meets the end of the holster could be finished by fully enclosing the weapon light’s lens or making the hole symmetrical.  See the photo below:

Where to Buy:

Looking for an inside the waistband holster solution? Check out this YouTube interview with David Lathrop talking to Rick Breneman (The Power Factor Show) about David Lathrop’s innovative, inside the waistband holster! Product page is here

Video credit: David Lathrop.

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