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By Rockforce

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First the ALFA, now the OMEGA

Who loves carrying a gun but hates inside the waistband (IWB) holsters?  This guy!  One of the reasons I dislike IWB holsters is that they tend to be bulky, and while they may hide a firearm better than an outside the waistband (OWB) holster, they tend to provide more discomfort (for me).  I know, I know, I know – ‘carrying a gun is supposed to be comforting, not comfortable.’  That’s a nice sentiment, but who honestly says that comfort isn’t a player in determining what holster you’re actually going to wear, and which one is going to sit in your car while you’re out and about?  Because that’s exactly where an uncomfortable holster will end up – sitting in your car with your gun still in it. 

So, for me, finding something semi comfortable is one of my top priorities.  While I almost always carry in an OWB holster, there are times when it is simply not practical, safe or possible to carry OWB.  Because of that fact, it remains necessary to have a high quality IWB holster at your disposal.  And I stress high quality.

That’s why when Kilo Bravo was touting that their new hybrid holster, the OMEGA, was supposed to be an extremely slim holster, I was interested in giving it a shot.  I spoke with Noah Brown, one of the founders of Kilo Bravo, regarding the company and design of the OMEGA.  Noah was a firefighter when he set out to start developing holsters but don’t let that fool you, he grew up shooting and has shot in world championship matches, so he knows a thing or two about guns.  That experience gives him a unique input on what a shooter is looking for in a holster.

After two months of making, tearing apart and remaking it – Kilo Bravo was finally ready to unveil the ALFA, their first hybrid holster (you can check out a full review of that holster by Echo Foxtrot here).  However, Noah wasn’t completely satisfied and over time he decided that there “had to be a better way to do this” – so Kilo Bravo started on designs for an even slimmer profile for their holster.


When they were finally satisfied with the results, they named it the OMEGA, being that they couldn’t see any way to make a hybrid any smaller.  After talking with Noah, I was definitely intrigued with their product, but I was a little leery how well a hybrid holster would perform. 

When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised, it felt very well put together and sturdy.  Ok, so it looked good, but how well would it hold the pistol?  I tossed my Glock 19 into it and gave it a light tug.  Nothing.  I gave it a little more effort – still nothing.  I even turned it upside down and gave it a little shake.  Nada. 

Finally, I gave it a sharp, aggressive pull like I would during a draw and it slid out crisply.  The level of retention was very good.  I knew I still had plenty of testing to do but needless to say, I was impressed.

The Good

I started using the Kilo Bravo OMEGA holster exclusively, whether I was out and about in town or simply walking the dog around the neighborhood, so that I could get a good feel for how it would perform in different styles of dress and different angles of carry.  This holster is very easy to conceal as it only adds about a quarter of an inch to the thickness of my Glock 19. 

Kilo Bravo said slim, and they meant it!  When setting this holster in your waistband in a pair of jeans you have to be intentional.  The metal clip is very tight and you must lift it up to allow you to place the holster in your waistband and guide it to the position you wish to carry in.  That may sound complicated but it’s actually simple once you get the hang of it.  It may take a few extra seconds to put on but once you set it, it stays in place better than any IWB holster I’ve ever carried does. 

The leather backing of the holster also provides a good amount of comfort, and the high sweat guard prevents the slide from digging into your body proving a smoother draw.  That leather backing is also helpful when driving as IWB holsters are notorious for being uncomfortable in vehicles.  Carrying appendix style while sitting is rough with any larger sized pistol but I found carrying behind the back to be decently comfortable, even when driving or sitting for prolonged times.

One thing I really like about the OMEGA holster is that it gives you a full level of retention.  A lot of IWB holsters fail to give good retention, but I can toss this holster in my gym bag, gun in it, and know that it will stay firmly in place.  I could never have done that with my prior IWB holster. 

I placed the holster in various carry positions between appendix and my five o’clock, and each position afforded me a consist draw.  And with the rotating metal clip, I was able to position it at any angle I desired; I wasn’t just stuck with keeping it straight which I really appreciated.  Drawing the holster takes only a good, firm tug, like any good kydex holster, and re-holstering is much easier than with other IWB holsters I’ve used. 

The kydex helps the entire holster retain its form, even after the pistol has been drawn.


Every piece of gear has a downside, and for this holster, my only complaints are those which are standard for IWB holsters, such as comfort and draw speed, so I won’t go into great lengths regarding them. 

But I do have a word of caution that I learned from personal experience – don’t play with the belt clip too much.  I spent a great deal of time rotating it around to various positions and as such, I ended up threading out the screw that holds the metal clip in place.  One day when taking off the holster, the belt clip came off with it. 

It appears that the culprit is that the screw holding it in is a little short (to prevent tightening from scratching the slide of the pistol).  It was a simple fix, I just snugged the screw down a little extra to compensate for my propensity to swivel it around.  My suggestion for those who carry in only one position is to rotate the belt clip to where you want it and then snug it down a little.  It will still rotate freely when you push it, but that way it will likely never cause you any problems.  


Overall I really like the OMEGA holster.  Its ease of concealment, minimalist design, level of retention and comfort sets it at a level to compete with any top holster manufacturer.  It will definitely be my go to IWB holster from now on. 

There are lots of kydex holster manufacturers out there but Kilo Bravo has definitely found a unique niche inside of that market.  So if you’re trying to decide on a first time or new IWB holster, be sure to take a look at their website and you certainly won’t be disappointed if you select the OMEGA holster.

Side Note

A quick side note for Glock carriers.  Most of us that carry Glocks have multiples, sometimes in different calibers but usually in different frame sizes.  As I stated, I got the Glock 19 holster, and that’s what I carried in it.  I did however, try the fit of my Glock 27, just for kicks.  While it will fit in the holster just fine, the retention does not work, and it will slide right out.  So, if you’re planning to use this holster for multiple sized Glocks, I would recommend buying the holster for the smallest Glock you plan to use it for.  That way the retention should work just fine for other models – you’ll just have to deal with a little extra barrel sticking out of the bottom of the holster.

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