SOG Folding Camping Saw F10 Review

SOG Folding Camping Saw F10 Review

SOG Folding Camping Saw F10 Review

SOG Folding Camping Saw F10 Review

By: Postman

I started using the SOG Folding Camp Saw F10 about 2 years ago.  It is lightweight, small enough to easily carry, but big enough to handle some jobs that I guarantee would surprise most people.  I have personally cleared less traveled roadways, and cut down large Mesquite and Palo Verde trees in order to create an adequate Landing Zone for rotary aircraft.  I have yet to notice any sort of dullness in the blade.



This piece of equipment quickly made it from “items that stay in the truck,” to “items that stay in my pack.”  It found its way in to my pack because of its high usefulness and low weight, which makes a necessity for my “necessity equation.”

Folded, the saw is right around nine inches long, opening to just under 15 inches.  Though it is a really light-weight piece of gear, it has passed my abuse regiment.  While in my pack, it’s been slammed into trees, wrecked on all sorts of vehicles, along with being used multiple times a week.

I have never had a problem with my saw.  It has worked unfailingly and been used consistently.  I do know a small percentage of people have had problems with the hardware at the pivot point working lose and coming out.  This problem is not only easily correctable, but I’m certain SOG will replace any part lost. 

Go destroy or clean up!  Good luck.







Where to find it:

SOG Knives SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F10N-CP Folding Saw with 8.25-Inch Steel Blade and High Carbon Steel Handle, Black Finish


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